Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Over the last three years, I have tried to share with readers how God blessed me with knowledge that provided for me when I needed it most. Moving to Chicago was a new start for Vickie and me, and we didn't know what God had in store for us. Joshua soon came to us and we were a family. It was a new beginning financially, but to help I had brought with us a knowledge of the antique and collectible business. I had little idea how important that knowledge was going to be in our lives.

When we arrived in Chicago, both Vickie and I began to work but surprise, our eyes were opened to a way of life that was totally new. Never before had I paid $6.00 for one hamburger or $15 for a movie. It didn't take long before we were asking how could we live here on what we were making. Remember, I did have that knowledge of antiques and collectibles, but how could that help us? It could if I became a dealer in antiques and collectibles, right?

Now you know the rest of the story and I have been sharing it with you for over three years. But I have kept just a few little secrets held back, one of which I will give you today. I have mentioned consignment shops as a possible place to find items to buy but I didn't tell you the complete plan I use for the stores.

If you're not familiar with consignment stores, they sell other people’s items on commission and usually reduce the items’ prices each month until they're sold. So here is my plan that I am giving to you for the first time. Locate as many consignment shops as you can and visit each one at least once a week. Make a list of the items in the store that you would like to purchase at a certain price. If the item is priced at or lower than that price, buy it immediately. In most cases, however, it will be priced far above what you would like to pay. So here is what you do. Tell the proprietor what you would like to buy and at what price. As months pass and the item’s price is reduced by as much as 25% per month, some of the items on your list will get to your price and the store will call for you to pick them up. But guess what happens? The proprietor often will share your price with the owner and the owner will agree to sell to you even before their item is lowered to your price. Bingo. You have just found a treasure for your inventory. Does this work? I guess I will have to share a couple of my stories to convince you.

There was a piece of Lalique priced at $695, which was way out of my range at that time but I knew I would make money if it could be purchased at $150. At my next visit, the figure was on sale at half off, bringing it down to about $350 still over my price. Then my phone rang and a voice said “Do you still want the Lalique piece?” I said “Sure and I will be right over to pick it up”. Here is what will surprise you. I knew the market for that piece and had a pretty good idea where I could sell it. Very quickly I had it sold for $850, even more than the original price the store was asking. One more item was an Indian basket that the store priced at $100. To me it was only worth $20. Leaving a bid, I was soon called to pick it up and I sold that piece at auction for over $600. Does this plan work? Yes it does and over the years it has made me tens of thousands for my bank account. Try it you will like it

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