Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kentucky Derby Time – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – “And They’re Off.”

The Kentucky Derby - Thanks to Facebook.com

This will be a sad time for me as the announcer says “They’re off” at the 2010 Kentucky Derby on May 1st.. You see my family owned a box ever since my Dad was on the Kentucky Racing Commission many years ago. When you own a Derby box, it only lasts for the lifetime of the owner or their spouse, so with the death of my mother this year, the Lambert family no longer owns the box. Going to the Derby has been a way of life for my family, and thankfully all of my children have had the experience of the excitement and gala of perhaps Kentucky's greatest event. You can read more about the Derby at their official website.

The Kentucky Derby has become a part of the American heritage and you will find few that don't wish to attend at least one Derby in their lifetime. So that is why I am so blessed because I can't even number the ones that I have been fortunate enough to experience. I would have liked to report one more Derby from the race itself for members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club but that won't be happening.

However, as I check the prices for Kentucky Derby memorabilia, I see the prices aren't dropping at all but maybe even increasing. The only 1940 Derby glass that is being offered this year is priced at $14,999. My friend Cecil still did quite well with the one he bought for $12.50 and two weeks later sold for $12,500 but he didn't quit there. He and I bought another one and it also sold for over $12,000. The Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide by Judy Marchman would be very helpful to you as you purchase Derby glasses. There is money to be made even with the most current glasses and many older ones command prices over $1000.

Each year, I remind my readers of the items pertaining to the Derby that they should watch out for. Often these items are purchased by people attending a Derby but when they return home the items are just pitched in a box somewhere and never thought of again. This is your good fortune because as these items lie there, their values continue to increase until, surprise, you come along and find them. This can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Here is just a short list of items from the Derby: photos, tickets, posters, glasses, hats, programs, jockey colors, signed silks (jockey uniforms) and pins. All of the items mentioned are highly sought after by collectors and you will be safe in purchasing them because they will sell almost immediately. 
Not everyone will be attending the Derby May 1st, but there will be thousands of Derby parties around the country. If you’re not one of the fortunate ones to attend the actual event, I hope you will attend a Kentucky Derby party. By the way I have never tasted a Mint Julep but I am told they taste horrible.

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