Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Murphy Hill Gallery - Thanks Gretchen

Up early Saturday and back to the house sale for those half price items, right? Well, I arrived at the house but received a surprise. The place was packed again. I hope not everyone is reading my blogs but it sure seemed that way. It was that time when either I was right or wrong about the items that I had left the day before because I hoped they would still be there the next day at half price.

Because I had scouted the house the day before, it was easy to go to where I thought the items of interest would be. Boy was I wrong. The first half dozen spots were empty and when I inquired about them, the conductor, with pride, said they were sold. I could tell from his voice he was saying “You should have bought them yesterday.” Little did he known that at the prices he had marked on the items, they didn't qualify for my purchase under the rules of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club which I follow. Remember, if I can't double my money, it is no deal.

Continuing on, I even looked to see if I had missed anything the day before but no such luck. The return trip was a complete bust which usually doesn't happen. Most of my revisits end with my purchasing perhaps 50% of the items I return for, but not today. At this point should I pout and quit? I don't think so.

There is still the large bag of turquoise and silver jewelry to evaluate that a member of my church brought to me. After I have appraised the jewelry, there may be a chance that I can buy it as a group, but only after sharing with the client the other way this collection can be sold. I want to make sure that my friend and client gets the most possible out of his collection, but in most cases that is by selling it to me. The reason for that is that I know end buyers who will pay me enough to double my money. If the client chooses to sell at auction, where other dealers are the most likely buyers, then my price will usually be greater than what he would receive at the auction.

That was the end of my business day but not the end of the fun of being in this business of art and antiques. I was invited to an art show, The Murphy Hill Gallery Show, by Gretchen, one of our members whom I have written about. She was going to be one of the featured artists presenting. She also was giving a lecture on her style of painting. My friend David accompanied me to the show and I think we both were totally surprised because the space was unbelievable and the presenting artists were fantastic. I will be sharing more about the show in a few days but it was one of the most meaningful evenings that I have spent in a long time. This day was what I call turning lemons into lemonade. Thanks Gretchen. 

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