Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where Are We? - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Do you want to know?

How do you like the news coming out of Washington? How is that news going to affect each one of us and what can it mean to the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club? After reading this, if you aren't a member of our club you soon will be.

I believe each of you would like to have the answers to these questions and I will give you my opinion. Believe it or not, I think that increased taxes will be a benefit to us and here is why. First, because of the printing of dollars, inflation is right around the corner and with federal spending spiraling out of control, Obama's promise not to tax the little guy just doesn't hold water. Higher taxes are coming for all American citizens and there is no doubt about it, but how could that be good for us?

If your income increases this year, all that increase will be eaten up with taxes and probably even more. So if you think about it, buying quality antiques and collectibles makes a lot of sense. With inflation coming, all the things you own will increase in value but you won't have to pay the taxes until they are sold, so it is my feeling people will begin to commit more of their funds to things rather than savings where they will be taxed. The dollar is also losing value at an alarming rate so if your money is in savings, its value is dropping everyday.

Now for the second reason for my belief. Antiques and collectibles sell around the world so there will always be a market for them somewhere. Do you remember when Japan was the market for fine art and classic automobiles and their prices were never higher? Now that market has switched to China, where paintings again are bringing record prices. At one time, all the vintage oak furniture was going to South America and the finer jewelry adorned the ladies on Mexico. Why was that? The reason was that these countries were selling us their exports for dollars which had a very high value and they in turn were buying our things of value with our own dollars. If our economy continues to decline and go further in debt, this cycle will accelerate. Our foreign debt will continue to increase but the foreign debtors will simply buy American with our own dollars. So it will be a very lucrative time to be a dealer in antiques and collectibles.

I am finding that a fair percentage of my clients are from overseas and it is my belief that will increase. Friends of mine have sold almost all their collections to people in Germany, France, England and Japan at prices that far exceed what could be achieved here in this country. Don't be surprised that more and more of your eBay auctions are completed with foreign buyers. Not everyone suffers during hard times, in fact, the wealthiest man I ever knew said he never made money in good times, only bad. So it is my belief that the business that we are cultivating will survive, no matter how bad times get. Just keep your eyes on the target of compounding your money with each trade you make and I promise you this. Inflation will never hurt you.

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