Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Treasures at the Last Stop – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – A New Outlook.

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The reason that I continue to ask that my readers to send me their stories is because they inspire me. The Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club has become the most important thing in my life after God and my family. To hear where a member of our club is successful is a reward like no other to me and this happened today.

John, whom I have mentioned before, called to say that he had been out most of the day without any success. Being very near home, however, and not wanting to take the highway, he decided to take some back streets. He came upon a street that said “no exit” and he debated about whether to drive around it but at last he said “why not?”. At the end of the street, there were several large storage bags sitting with some trash on the curb so he decided to take a look. The first bag was completely filled with games, some of which had never even been unwrapped. That was enough for John so he loaded all the bags into his car. Someone’s children must have grown up and the family decided that these items no longer had value for anyone. Were they mistaken!

Returning home and not expecting anything special, John began to empty the other bags. One or two were filled with old toys like hot wheels and electric robots, the others contain miscellaneous items which were all collectible. I called him back about three hours after he sent me the email and he was still unpacking his treasures. I can't fully explain it but I do know that God helps those who help themselves. The best part of this story is going to be the total money that John receives for his bounty and I wouldn't be surprised to see it over $1000. How many steps will that be in John's race to the millions? How many times did he double his money with a cost of nothing? My question to you is “Are you doing your part?”

I will be going to a house tomorrow where there will be a treasure trove that would make even Captain Hook proud. This is one of those ventures where it really doesn't matter if you buy a single item. Just looking at what is presented will be a feast to my eyes. Several years ago, there was just one lamp sold from this estate that brought over $45,000. You bet I won't sleep too soundly tonight. 

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