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Did You Hear The Ice Cream Truck? – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – Yes.

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I write about the childhood memories of my past because they are perhaps the most pleasant part of my life. During those early years, I had no responsibilities and everything was about me. If I ever wanted to have a do over in my life for sheer pleasure, it would definitely be my childhood, that is for sure.

This week I visited a home where the gentleman had collected ice cream toy trucks with his son. He is now ready to sell them. There must be at least 100 different models, from Hot Wheels to Tootsie Toys in the collection and I hope to be able to purchase the collection next week. But as I looked over all the tiny toys, I could just see in my mind the joy that this father and son had as they went searching for those small treasures together.

What memories did the collection bring back for me personally? Well, no matter what we were doing, when I was young if we heard the bells of the ice cream truck, everything else stopped. It is still a mystery to me that I always had money for the ice cream truck. When I think back, I don't remember where it came from because we had so little money for anything else. I must not be the only one that had that feeling for those trucks, however, because when I returned home and searched the records, I found that it would take a great amount of money to assemble that collection today.

Here is just a small sample of what I am talking about: rare matchbox #47b Ice Cream Truck (mint in box) $1500, 1930 Steelcraft “Fro-Joy” Ice Cream Truck $212.50, 1950 Bungalow Bar Ice cream Truck $150 and the Hot Wheels 1990 #5 Good Humor Truck $100. I am sure that if I had the time, I could find examples that sold for many times these but I believe you get the idea. Often people would collect together: fathers and sons, mothers and daughters and even brothers and sisters. When we come across these collections, yes they may make us money, but I hope mostly they will give you a chance to pause and think about your childhood. 

The Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club is all about having fun, making money and remembering who we are. God made us special so don't you forget that.

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