Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Antique Trader and Randolph Street Market Enter Media Partnership

Randolph Street Market
Annual Ticket Holders 

Mark your calendars because the Antique Trader and the Randolph Street Market will kick off their joint media partnership on May 29th in Chicago. This will be a gala event that you won't want to miss. There will be appraisals, antiques, food, music and design studios, and fun will be had by all. Perhaps the greatest thing about this event is mingling with all those wonderful people that have similar interests to yours. I will be there representing the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club and will be doing appraisals. Please drop by and say hello.

Sally, the owner of the Randolph Street Market, will be there to greet visitors in a manner that can only be described as gracious and warm. Her efforts to make these events something not to be forgotten for her guests could be described as super-human. Her charm inspires both dealers and visitors.

Eric Bradley, the editor of the Antique Trader hopes to be in attendance. Like Sally, he is a bundle of energy and his personality will light up any event. His knowledge of the antiques business, combined with his ability to run a newspaper, gives him a powerful presence. When you see a crowd gathered, you can be pretty well assured that Eric is in the center of it. the Antique Trader has been a true supporter of our club from its beginning.

The two parties put out a press release that will better describe the event, so take time to read it and there will be no doubt where you will be on May 29th. Two are better than one and this partnership was made in heaven for those interested in antiques, collectibles and fashion design. Whether you're selling or buying, the relationship between the Antique Trader and the Randolph Street Market will give you more of the exposure that is required for your success.

Chicago is a city of opportunity and with this event, that statement will never be more true. This partnership will be a lasting combination of great experience and knowledge that will ensure that all involved will benefit. 

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