Friday, April 16, 2010

Chicago's Pickard China – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Will add to your bank account

Thanks to the Pickard Collectors Club

I have mentioned Pickard China before but, with my Chicago connection, I thought that it would be good to give more information on this company and its great artists. The company was started in Wisconsin but moved to Chicago in 1895. The founder of the company was Wider L. Pickard. He wanted to create something different from what was on the market, so he solicited several artists to paint scenes and still lifes on the china blanks that he would buy mostly from Europe.

Even though Pickard is still in business today, the pieces that collectors are after were made during the period from 1900 to 1940. With the artists of Pickard, you received everything from modern design to floral and scenic scenes. Many pieces were also heavily decorated with gold. My personal favorites are the pieces, including scenic plates and vases, that use vellum decorations. Many of the Pickard artists established their own companies after leaving Pickard and you will often find wonderful pieces of their work with a label other than Pickard’s. Here is the website for the Pickard Collectors Club.

In 1995, Allen Reed, who many of us called Mr. Pickard because of his knowledge of the Pickard company, wrote a book called Collector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China. This book has a wealth of information on the artists and pictures of many special pieces. I would highly suggest you purchase Mr. Reed’s book and, with the purchase of one item made by Pickard, you will be paid back many times over for its cost.

I personally have sold many plates and vases with the vellum scenes on them for $500 plus. In fact, if you wish, I can share the names of family members of the artists who are searching for their relative’s works. At the present time, there are 13 plates by Pickard with gold trim listed for $2245, one vellum cake plate $325 and a pitcher for over $1000 that was painted by Fredrick Walters. The plate might be a bargain if it is still available.

This is one of my favorite companies and you will find that the people who collect Pickard are super friendly and willing to share information with anyone who asks. If any Pickard comes your way, contact me and I will help you get top dollar for it. 

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