Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chicago's Hidden Art Treasure - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog - A must visit.

 Gretchen Smith - Murphy Hill Gallery

Anyone who wants to visit the Chicago art scene would include a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, that is for certain. But there is an unpolished treasure that most art lovers would miss and that is the Murphy Hill Gallery, located at 333 W. Arthington 3rd. Floor Chicago Il. 60624. The historic Sears Roebuck Building, where the gallery is located, may be one of the largest buildings you will find in the southwest section of the city.

When you enter the gallery, the size itself (20,000 square feet) will amaze you. The wall space is large enough to accommodate any showing. The space is open and appealing and provides a lovely setting for the art on display. There is also adequate space for the artist to be present and talk about his or her work.

In the show I visited, the assemblage of artists was amazing and their works covered a wide spectrum of styles. There was something that would appeal to any art lover’s taste. Visit the Murphy Hill Gallery website. It will pique your interest and you will have no choice but to visit it in person.

There is a large contingent of artists now presenting at the gallery and many artists are waiting to be accepted for showing in the future shows. The directors have stated that they will only present the most desirable art that the gallery can find and artists wishing to show their works should allow them time to be judged.

The art community should extend a large amount of gratitude and thanks to Bill Hill and Ralph Murphy for their efforts on behalf of all art lovers to expand the Chicago influence throughout the world. 

I have been a little late in getting this blog on the Murphy Hill Gallery posted but it seems that my days are getting filled up even before they begin. 

Just yesterday, I had a wonderful day chatting with an old friend about the welfare of our church, but then we spent several hours discussing items he wished to sell. I will report on them in another blog, but now I have perhaps a week of work to do just estimating values for him. Gilded clocks and enameled glass are two of the collections that caught my eye and there is no doubt their value will be high. Hopefully the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club will either be the purchaser or agent for the sale of those collections. 

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