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It is no secret that I love Daum Nancy enameled glass, but I may have found a new love. I just viewed a great collection of glass and hopefully I can purchase it. My wife, Vickie, will be keeping a close eye on me, but perhaps, if I am successful, I can sneak a couple of pieces into the house. It was hard for me to believe, but when I was called to a home to look at a glass collection, the gentleman said there were many pieces of enameled glass and I got really excited.

I didn't want to give myself away by telling him that Daum Nancy was my favorite glass because I felt confident that there should be at least one piece of it in this collection. Before I arrived at the house, I began to picture all the great pieces that I was going to look at and believe me, I wasn't disappointed. Piece after piece crossed my hands, each more beautiful than the other, but I hardly looked at them because I was searching for Daum. After completing my inspection of the collection, I realized that no, there wasn't any Daum, but perhaps there were even more beautiful pieces being offered than the Daum I had envisioned.

Now was the time to go back to the start and begin again. As I picked up each piece, I realized that maybe I had limited myself too much when it came to enameled glass, and perhaps other manufacturers of this glass made pieces equal to or better than Daum. There were large vases, goblets, bowls, boxes and even perfume bottles decorated with the most fantastic enameling that you could imagine. Just think Moser or Austrian glass decorated by the best craftsmen in the world and that was what I had in my hands.

Looking through this collection of glass, I became quite fond of the clear pieces that had been enameled. In fact, I think I liked them even better than the acid etched pieces. My biggest problem was that I didn't know what to offer for the collection because I hadn't studied the values of most other enameled glass. I have been spending several hours over the last two days getting my knowledge up to speed and on Monday I will return with an offer for the collection. This isn't a time to be guessing because there is going to be too much money involved. This way of thinking would be a great lesson for all dealers. It’s almost like the song “Know when to holdem, know when to foldem and know when to run.” There is a real profit to be made with this collection but I will need to know what its true value is so that I can make a fair offer and still make the profit that is needed to continue our race to the million.

On eBay, I found several enameled pieces listed such as the Germany 18C enameled vase at $3000, Moser Vaseline enameled lamp $1458, 6 signed Moser enameled goblets $1200 and the 19th C perfume $500. However, to see some really magnificent pieces, you need to look at the Early's Auction past glass auction and the internet. Not all enameled glass is signed. In fact, most probably won't be, but you should have no problem with quality. These pieces are what I call eye dazzlers and you know they are expensive when you see them. There may be one or two enameled pieces in the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles marketplace.

I just have to stop finding things that I want to add to the collection, but I forget. Everything I own with the exception of my wife and child is for sale, right? 

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