Friday, April 30, 2010

Heir Apparent Daniel Lotton - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Changing of the Guard

The Beauty of Art Glass

There is definitely a change blowing in the wind when it comes to Lotton Glass. Charles, the ultimate glass blower, may finally have reached the top of his production. When prices out pace demand, buyers search for an alternative and I believe this is true of Lotton Glass. With more and more of the expensive Charles' pieces going unbid, Daniel's work seems to be more in demand and available at lower prices.

With the economy still sluggish, the buyers are looking for cheap items to purchase and still retain the quality. This describes Daniel Lotton's work. You can still purchase a great piece made by Daniel for $500 or less. While the present pieces being made by Daniel are perhaps his best works, Charle's pieces from the 80's seem to command his highest prices.

Everything changes and it isn't a surprise that perhaps there is a changing of the guard at Lotton Glass. While the Lotton name will continue to be heard when people talk about fabulous glass, it is my opinion that Daniel Lotton's name will be coming up more often in conversations going forward.

I would definitely recommend to the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club that they keep an eye open for pieces made by Daniel for purchase as gifts to themselves or items to sell to their customers. You can't go wrong with the best.

In years to come, if you set a piece of Lotton Glass next to a Tiffany piece, I believe the discriminating person will pick the Lotton. When you consider that the Lottons make everything that goes into a piece at their factory, down to making the glass itself while Tiffany often just supervised his production, which would you prefer?

Don't forget our friend Warner Smith and his if you are in the market for great glass. He has incorporated the Lotton Glass club into his new site and you can also find great pieces by Smallhouse and Satava there.

To me, there isn't a better investment than art glass while you own it and your pleasure and sheer joy will only be increased when you sell it for a profit.

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