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Yesterday it was my honor to serve in the wedding of John and Elsie at my church. It was so wonderful to see two young people so in love with each other but also so loving to others. I look at weddings differently now than I did many years ago, because by growing older and looking at it through aged eyes, it seems that marriage is the pledge to one another to serve others together for the rest of your life. When I was younger, marriage meant the husband and wife would have this separate life from the world, but today I know it is just re-entering the world together.

You are asking where is he going with this that pertains to antiques and collectibles, aren't you? I have seen many vintage wedding gowns sold, and each time I have thought if only those gowns could talk what stories they would have told. Yes, I even questioned why someone would want a used gown, but now I see that it is as if you are sharing something with the person who wore it first. In fact, it is almost like you can create your own story about that original union. I have always liked mysteries and purchasing a vintage wedding gown will most likely leave you with an unsolved mystery for the rest of your life.

Perhaps the surprising thing is what people will pay for vintage wedding gowns. I believe it will also surprise you, so keep your eye out for them. They may be a treasure for you. Just checking eBay, I found several gowns listed. The most expensive one was an Italian satin gown, ivory in color with a medium train for $3500. The next one was an 1800's Victorian gown with a full train for $1400. If you are into silk and lace, there was a lovely French gown for $1200 but perhaps my favorite was the 1950's white chiffon gown because it was from my era and perhaps I could have known the bride who wore it. The price was $920.

There are many other items that represent weddings and all of them can be collectibles. These items include figurines like Lladro, dolls, rings, announcements and special celebrity signed items like napkins.

You will never be able to convince my basketball and football buddies that I wrote about wedding gowns but that is okay too. You see Christ said “Love one anther as I have loved you” and I now know there is nothing more important than that in today’s world. Thank you John and Elsie for sharing your love with us. God Bless. 

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