Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Heads up. If I were you, I would be buying everything that I could that represents Toyota. This includes die cast toys, advertising, sales material and almost any item bearing this company’s name. I just feel it coming and be assured the collectors aren't far behind.

To do this blog, I checked model cars on eBay and if this is the trend of the future, Toyota model cars will be in for a wild ride. Here are just two examples from a Japanese collection on eBay. First, is the 1950 Oldsmobile MIB by Yonezawa that is listed for $3800 and closely followed by the 1950 Japanese Cadillac priced at $3700. There are at least 15 more examples listed, with the value of the cheapest being around $1000.

I have to admit that I knew about Hot Wheels and the Redlines. I also had knowledge of the VW bus with the surf board on top selling for over $18,000, but I had no idea what the true market for model cars is. Did you know that in 1999, a model of a 1962 Chrysler Imperial sold for $20,455 MIB? Please remember this name: ATC-Asahi toys. If you see it, you may have just found a true treasure. I don't really understand it fully but it seems that most of the high priced model cars were made in Japan.

Toyota was the premium brand for many years and their owners still have a special feeling for their Toyota, so with all the current publicity, you can bet a new collectible rage is just around the corner. However, don't just confine yourself to the models, but be searching for anything Toyota. I am waiting for the backlash that is coming from the public that have over the years sung the praises of their Toyotas.

It is going to appear to many that our government isn't playing fair with Toyota because they own General Motors lock stock and barrel. I don't remember this type of publicity when our American cars had problems. Those companies just announced a recall and that was all there was to it, but not Toyota. I don't remember too many times the heads of the American companies were called before Congress because of a problem with their cars. Seems like a little pay back to me because Toyota has outshined our cars for so long. And we wonder why we are so disliked overseas.

I am all American but let’s win by producing the best, not taking advantage of someone else's problems.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more Daryle!