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I often wonder if there are still pieces of information that I need to add to the 45 years of knowledge I have accumulated on Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art. This week, the answer to the above question came to me in a big way. I was asked about a piece of glass and, after examining it, I thought the value would be at best $5.00. Just before I was on the verge of making a huge mistake, the lady said “I was told it was Holly Amber by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company.”

Not knowing much about this company, I asked if it would be okay to do a little research while she waited. Her answer was “sure” so I went to my library and got out several books. It didn't take me long to realize my mistake and, as I returned to the room where she was waiting, said ”I think you are going to be very happy with the results that I found.”

Her interest picked up and I was able to share with her that the piece was indeed what most call “Greentown Glass”, made by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company. The pattern was Holly Amber (golden agate) and I found this to be one of the most collectible types of glass produced by this company. The piece that I was holding in my hand was perhaps a $1000 plate, if not more.

Going to Kovel's price guide, I soon discovered several pieces that topped $1000 such as the plate, butter dish and tray. Even though I found these prices in the guide, I wanted to confirm them by past sales so I went to eBay and sure enough, the prices seemed to carry out there also.

Yes, it is never too late to learn and the lesson that I learned all over again was not to give an opinion unless you’re sure of your information and if there is any doubt, go to the books and internet until you are satisfied with what you are going to share with others.

You can be assured that I will be adding a price guide on Greentown Glass to my library and it will pay for itself when I buy my first piece of the very collectible glass. You may want to consider adding this book to your library: Greentown Glass from  by Ruth Herrick or Greentown Glass guide by James S. Measell.

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