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Basketball (March Madness) - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – It's Here!!!

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Have you purchased your March Madness lottery ticket yet? For you that don't know, March madness refers to the time of the NCAA basketball tournament. So what is this about a "lottery ticket" you are asking, and the answer is fairly simple.

Let's assume that the Kentucky Wildcats win the tournament. What do you think items featuring John Wall would do as far as value goes? Yes, they would go through the roof because signed basketballs and jerseys with his signature are already selling for over $700. Even photographs are bringing hundreds of dollars. Just take a look at the items on eBay right now and I believe you will be amazed. Now consider this. If John Wall were to be drafted number one in the professional draft, the value of items with his signature would go crazy. Can you tell that I might be a Kentucky fan?

Please don't tell my son Lawson that, however, because he is all Cardinal fan. I just talked to him and his feet still haven't touched the ground because the Louisville Cardinals just defeated the Syracuse team that was number one in the country at Freedom Hall in Louisville in the last game to ever be played at that stadium. Lawson drove all night to attend the game and I asked for your prayers for his traveling safety for his trip back home to Baltimore. Yes, I am also a Cardinal fan and a Kentucky Wesleyan fan. You might be able to say I am for any Kentucky team.

I believe you are getting my drift because several months ago I suggested that you look at items of John Wall's for possible purchases and guess what? Their values have already appreciated since then. You may have other players that hold some special meaning for you who will be playing in this tournament and your lottery ticket may be items pertaining to them. The odds for them might even be greater than on John Wall. I promise you there will be money made on programs signed by the players, game jerseys worn in the tournament, team pins, posters and even hats, especially if you can get one that is given to the winning team and have it signed by the players.

March Madness is a special time to go treasure hunting and the treasures will be easy to find at the NCAA tournament this year. 

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