Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jon Price Pottery – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Crystalline Glazes.

 Jon Price Pottery at a Show

The first piece of pottery that I ran across with a crystalline glaze was Ruskin Pottery, from England. I was at a house sale when I spied this beautiful crystalline vase, about twelve inches tall, and knew it had to be mine for about $75. It had different shades of blue and green in the glaze and it just spoke to me. Jon Price has written an exceptional book on crystalline glaze pottery called The Art of Crystal Glazing. It may be one you want to pick up.

Returning home and not being sure of how great a deal I had made, I turned to the Internet and soon discovered that the vase might be quite valuable. So what was the next step? For this, I decided to research whether there was a Ruskin collectors club, and there was. So I contacted the club and asked about my vase. I was soon directed to a gentleman who showed some real interest in the piece. After some negotiations, we came to terms at about $1250, if my memory serves me right. This definitely sent me on a quest for more Ruskin and over the years I have been very successful with it. I believe that I have sold over six pieces of Ruskin for $1000 or more.

There are American companies that also used the crystalline glazes. Pisgah Forest is one. However, the crystalline pottery that I want to talk about is still being produced today by a man named Jon Price. You will love his website. Be sure not to be fooled by the home page but go into his gallery and other pages. You may wonder how I came across this pottery and you may be surprised. One of our members bought a Jon Price vase and it is quite a story so here it is from her own lips


Here’s a pic of the Jon Price crystalline glaze vase that I picked up at a garage sale yesterday. I wanted to show it to you because it was at a garage sale that was very crowded before I got there. I guess no one else was willing to pay the guy’s $5 price for it. The only reason I knew it was worth more was because I went with a friend to an art glass shop to have another piece identified and we spent over an hour walking around a gawking at all of the treasures in the shop. And I vividly remembered this crystalline finish on some of the pieces – I loved it.
A similar blue vase sold on eBay for $45, which isn’t a fortune, but hey, that’s a pretty good ROI!
So I just wanted to let you know I had followed your advice to go to shops where they sold beautiful things just for education.
Lou Ann

I believe her vase is probably worth more than she thinks. It my be wise for you to be on the look out for Jon Price pieces.

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