Monday, March 29, 2010

Razors Plus – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – I may need these.

 Shaving Mug - Thanks to News-Antique.Com

Over the last few months, there has been a distinct change in looks at the office of your Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club. No, it isn't the décor or furnishings but the appearance of our founder, Daryle Lambert. Who would have ever thought that our clean shaven leader would have grown a mustache and goatee? But he has, and his wife Vickie is still having to think about her opinion of it. Not so with his son Josh who loves it and says that if it is ever shaved off, he won't forgive his dad.

After all of that, it seems only appropriate to write a blog on shaving and the instruments needed to be sure you have that well-groomed look. It all started soon after men discovered women and knew they needed to look good to attract them. First came flint pieces that were used to clean the face, but can you imagine how that must have hurt? Next was the straight razor, but to use one of them you needed a lot of tissue paper. In fact, as a teenager, I almost bled to death from shaving. However, the electric shaver rode into the picture and that is where we are today.

But along the way there have been many items associated with shaving such as razors, blades, mugs, lather, canned gel and razor straps. That is just a few of the items used for shaving and then, you have to add into the mix all the advertising by companies like Gillette. These items associated with shaving had to become collectibles and they have because every man has experienced the torture of his first shaving experience. Straight razors can run several thousand dollars depending on the material used in their construction and design. Some sport gold and silver decorations. They are usually the most expensive ones and I wouldn't be shocked at seeing one of them cross the auction block at over $5000. But the real jewels of the shaving collectibles might be the shaving occupation mugs. I have seen these sell for over $20,000 and that might not even touch their top prices.

Here are a few items pertaining to shaving to keep in mind: blades still in the paper covers, razors in their original containers, shaving soap in its paper wrapper and straight razors in their boxes. These should provide you with enough profit to meet our standards. 

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