Thursday, March 18, 2010

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C. Dianne Zweig

I have been in the antique business for 45 years and in that time I have run into several people that really made me proud to know them. This happened to me just a short while ago when I met C. Dianne Zweig, editor of I Antique On Line, over the internet. I was invited to join the site I Antique On Line.
This site is both informative for and committed to the people who visit it. Your questions will be answered, and by posting on the site, readers can help in solving your problems or provide needed information, if that is what you're asking for.
Readers of her blogs will have their knowledge enhanced and her delivery style is captivating. Her blogs cover not only the current events in our business but also go into topics such as how wonderful it is to be a salt and pepper shaker collector. The site never gets stale and once you enter it you will be compelled to revisit it daily. By the way she is an accomplished author and you can see her many books on the site.
Perhaps what I like most is when she ask her readers opinions. In fact, that is why I am writing this blog. She asked her readers what they thought of the show American Pickers and I just had to jump in with my opinion. It wasn't much later that I received an email from Dianne asking if she could use my response in a blog, which I assured her would be an honor for me. So here's my email and please tell me what you think?
Are The Pickers Ripping People Off ?

This is Daryle Lambert of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club I have already written to Antique Week about the Pickers show, but here I go again.
I believe that the biggest winners from the show are those that would let items waste away in their barns, garages or storage units until they saw this show. Then they would think maybe I have something of value and start searching through their items that were destined for the trash heap.
I get tired of the Johnnie do goods who think everybody is taking advantage of someone else. The items that the Pickers are discovering had no value until they found them and the sellers should be appreciative of that fact. The people that are crying are probably the very ones that are taking advantage of others.
It is a great show and I believe it has many years to go. Keep up the great work. Go Pickers.

I hope that many of my readers will join Dianne's site because you will benefit from her knowledge and true understanding of what it takes to be successful in the antique and collectible business. If you are just a collector, it will increase your pleasure in collecting even more.

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