Saturday, March 27, 2010

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 The Tiger Woods I want to Know 
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This country loves an underdog and I will bet that Tiger will be the fans’ favorite at the Masters this year. If you remember when I wrote about Tiger before, I am sure you know who I'm talking about, Tiger Woods of course. He will overcome his indiscretions and be the fans’ favorite on the PGA tour again.

Why should this be important to me, you're asking. I don't even like golf or follow it. Very good question, but remember as a person who wishes to capitalize on your membership in the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Club, you are in the business of antiques and collectibles to make money.

The market for memorabilia produced with Tiger in mind might have taken a little hit over the last few months, but if he does well in the Masters, his stock will rise higher than ever. I have always been on the opposite side of others thinking and this is no exception. Here is my advice to you. Buy anything that can be attached to Tiger Woods in any manner, good or bad. You see the American people really like to see someone reconstruct their lives after they have fallen from grace. I believe this is because we have all had our failures and would like to have others forgive us. God only knows how much forgiveness I need.

Tiger is a special person with wonderful God given talents and that is what the huge galleries come to see, not the things we read about in the tabloids. He has children and a wife and marriage that hopefully can be saved. Isn't it strange that all you are hearing from the press is about his failings? For me, I just want to see his successes again.

It took me a while to get to the point but here it is. With all the press, Tiger will once again be much larger than life and this gives us that opportunity that only comes our way occasionally to capitalize on fame. Just to mention a few Tiger items that are listed today: Upper Deck rookie card $1750, worn shirt signed $1100, signed Masters flag $1000, signed driver $950. These are the items that have sold. Then you have the crazies like a signed shirt $19,000, PGA folder signed by Tiger and his parents $10,000, signed glove $6000 and a ball $5000. These items haven't been sold but you can bet over the coming years if Tiger does regain his form and win more majors than any golfer in history, these prices may be cheap.

He asked for our forgiveness so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and wish him well. That will be the fun part, while dealing in his memorabilia will be the profitable part. Remember, we’re not doing what we set out to do in our Club if we aren't having fun and also making a profit.

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