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Brownies by Palmer Cox – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – Children’s Stories.

I'm a Brownie - Thanks to Freemasonry.pcy.ea

Some men are born to create large businesses and others to be doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs, but Palmer Cox was meant to be a writer of children stories. Here is a brief history of Palmer Cox's life. Between the 1870's and 1920's he held the world in his hands as people read the most fascinating stories that may have ever been written for children.

Perhaps the greatest achievement for Cox was his creation of the Brownies. These were strange little creatures with large round eyes, turned up mouths and skinny legs. He had heard his mother tell of little people of the fairy world in Scotland and this was his source for the many tales that he wrote.

The Brownies, as they were called, usually did chores around the house while the occupants slept but they always seemed to get into mischief. During this time in history, the world was looking for a little humor and was able to find it in Palmer Cox's writings.

Cox found that there was tremendous interest in combining his little folk with products such as toys, dinnerware, games and even trade cards. Who would have ever thought that these little fellows would become so popular. But be assured that if you can find anything featuring these little fairies today, it will bring a pretty penny. The reason that the Brownie name might seem familiar to you is that when the children's camera was produced, it took on the name of Brownie. Now you know the connection.

Just to give you some examples of value for the Brownie items, a box of Brownie blocks can fetch $1500 or more while the game Ten Pins with the Brownies might sell for $1200. A book of Palmer Cox's original drawings might go as high as $3000 and one of his first edition books would close in on $1000.

These little fellows are well worth looking for and they will pay you well for your efforts. 

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