Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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 Man's Best Friend
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The true collector is a fun animal and it is often difficult to understand why they have such a passion for their collecting. Take me for instance. I have collected everything from old cast iron cooking pans made by Griswold to the finest porcelain by Meissen. In between, there was my fascination with porcelain canines or dogs and then the Doulton ladies. When I finally tired of the Griswold, I sold it all at once. It weighed over 2000 pounds. If that wasn't bad enough, think about 300 dogs staring at you throughout your house and 500 strange ladies standing on every flat surface in your home. Yes, I was addicted, but why?

If we can figure this out at the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club, there will be no stopping us. We need to make every effort to find and meet as many collectors as we can because they are the best markets we will ever have. Construct those lists of collectors and keep them dear and you will find the success that others are missing.

I would like to share a little story with you that was sent to me by a member. Her name is Mary and I promise she will be searching for those dogs and cats from now on.

Hello Daryle - Bow Wows Bring Good Money 

Just had to share a score with you! You always tell us to look for the unusual and watch for condition. Well, I went to an auction on a Sunday afternoon and saw this purse. I was able to win it for $5.00. I really didn't know anything, but knew that it was in great condition and was certainly unique and unusual. I went home and listed it immediately to end the next Sunday night. By morning I had several watchers and an email from a woman in the UK that was practically begging for a Buy it Now because she said she was going out of town and would not have access to a computer. I politely told her that I was going to let this run and she could simply put in her best bid. By the next Sunday afternoon I had over 30 watchers but it was sitting at $56.00. I was disappointed, but thought, well, I made 10X my money so I should be happy. Imagine my eyes when it closed at 10 that evening at $203.50!!!

Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts.

Thanks for all you do,

Now that is what I call a story and it couldn't happen to a more wonderful lady. She has been with us from the beginning and I can assure you that this isn't her only win.

So why do people collect dog and cat figurines? Is it because they have lost a pet? Maybe it is that they want a pet but one they don't have to feed or take out several times a day. But this I promise you. The animal collectors are out there in droves and it seems they have the money to buy what they wish.

Here are a few books that can help you in the field of collecting: Royal Doulton Animals: A Charlton Standard Catalogue, Collecting Lladro: Price & Identification Guide, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain: Animals and Figurines, and Royal Doulton Bunnykins (1st Edition) : The Charlton Standard Catalogue. I am sure there are others but this will give you a great start in educating yourself in this field.

The collector is looking for anything that features the image of what he is collecting and it may be made of any material. So it is our duty to fill the collector’s dreams of having the largest collection of his chosen dog or cats items of anyone he knows.

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  1. Daryle,

    My name is Judy and I am a collector of wirehaired terrier dogs. The ceramic ones. All shapes and sizes, even pillows pictures and clothes. Why? I was young only 24 when my husband bought me that dog. He had just come back from Viet Nam. He died the next year. That dog was everything to me. Now 37 years later I have my little dogs. You are so right about why we collect.

    Thanks for the article. Judy in Texas