Friday, March 5, 2010

American History [ Message to Obama ] – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Where has it gone?

Stand Proud America

I am searching each and every day for items that I believe will make the club members of Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club money. It’s not often that I find an idea that hasn’t crossed my mind before. Today, however, is different. I’m wondering where the history that I learned in school has gone.

Like most people, I saw Jay Leno go to the streets and ask both men and women, young and old, such questions as who is the Vice President, only to get no response or the wrong answer. This seemed funny at the time, but now it is really troubling. We are losing our history and thereby losing our country. Why is this important you may be asking, and my answer is if you don't know where you have been, then you don't know where you’re going.

I have tried to give our President Obama the benefit of the doubt, however, I believe it is time to examine his results. If you remember, I wrote that he was a very smart man but I disagreed with his vision of where he wanted to lead the country. I have determined for me that it isn't where I want to be led. When he said “I want to transform the country”, it was my thought that he meant to improve it for all. However, I have changed my opinion and believe he truly wants to redistribute the wealth, whether a person earns it or not. I never believed that it was the obligation of the government to take care of a person’s every need from the time he or she was born until they died. I have come to the conclusion that this is the Obama program. There is no way we can afford the cost that Obama is thrusting upon each and every person in this country, so if this spending continues, the country will fall from its own debt.

But let’s get back to making money. I listened to Glen Beck last night and he said that most children today don't know who Daniel Boone was. That seemed impossible to me but as I listen to my son Joshua's friends as they have conversations, I can believe it. Glen had his grandfathers chair restored for the memories that he had of him sitting in it and sharing stories. I believe one day soon the great people of this country will want their history back and Christopher Columbus, Daniel Boone , George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Davey Crockett and Sam Bowie will become popular again. People will want to remember and regardless of others that want this country to forget, they won't.

So here are some suggestions for purchases. Look for old history books from before 1950, biographies of the founders and leaders of this country from its beginning and anything that represents the lives of those that shaped this country. These items are going to be in great demand whenever we realize that we have taken a wrong turn and try to get back on the right track. My son-in-law has a set of Lincoln books that are valued at Over $25,000 and this is just the start of his American library. There are already people across this great nation that want their history back but more are coming as can be seen by the Tea Party movement.This is a great country and we should be proud of it. There is no need to apologize for this country’s history. Yes, we have made our mistakes, that is true, but would you rather live somewhere else? For me the answer is no. We are going to wake up from this bad dream and when we do, watch out world because there isn't anything that can keep the American Spirit down except Americans. This country was founded on hard work and God and as soon as we get back to that, the prosperity in this country will be greater than we have ever known before.

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  1. Agree Entirely and Amen! Vicki H.

  2. I thought this was a blog about antiques. There are very good reasons for keeping ones political beliefs separate from ones business affairs. Perhaps that should be the 32nd step.

  3. He must be a new reader. I have written on this subject several times in the past. I have now just taken a position and am sorry you don't agree. I write about what is going to happen in the marketplace of antiques, collectibles and why. However it is my blog and it is your right to not read it at anytime. As you can tell you didn't pay anything to read the blog and there will be other opinions of mine in the future in blogs and I hope you will like them better but I will not alter the content to please anyone else.