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Most dealers who visit a house or garage sale would recognize a tin advertising sign like Coke or Pepsi, but how about an old biscuit tin can?Did you even know that there were collectors for these? Sure the old signs are worth lots of money, but so are old cans. Why do you think that the American Pickers go through all that trash and end up just buying some advertising cans? They are in the business to make money not entertain us. My Dad always said to follow the successful and I have to say as members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club, we might be following the successful if we choose the Pickers because they have their own television show now.

That is why the greatest advice I could give you might be to visit the attics and basements first at most sales you attend. Look in the shop room because many times old cans have been used to store items like nails and screws. It almost makes me want to laugh, that old can filled with 50 cents worth of screws having a value of over $1000. The man working in that shop probably didn't ever make $1000 in one month in his entire life. This proves my point. True treasures are often right there in open sight but most people can't imagine their value. While those really smart dealers are picking through the overpriced items for sale upstairs, you may find an oil can in the garage for 50 cents that sells for $1500.

There are many price guides that quote prices for old cans but the best ones seem to be by Fred Dodge such as Antique Tins: Identification & Values. It would be well worth it to own one of these guides, even if it is an old one. There may be no better way to prove your skills at picking than to find a very valuable advertising can lying in a pile of junk.

How would you like to have your eyes focus on a North Pole, Cut Plug, Oval Topped Tobacco tin sitting in the corner of the garage, knowing that it may be worth as much as $2000? You may almost stop breathing before you ask the price. This is happening to someone every day. Why not you? I am hoping that after my readers have a chance to digest this information, one of you will write and tell me of your success in finding that special advertising can.

Here is a sampling of what is out there for you to find. Bambino, Smoking Tobacco Tin $3500, Crawford's Biscuit Bus $4500, Grey Dunn's Biscuit Bus $7500, Hi-Ho Smoking Tobacco $4500 and last but not least, Life Pipe Tobacco $1200. Now that is a pretty fair game to play in, wouldn't you say? If you found one of these, what kind of percentage profit would you make? One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

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