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South of the Border (Mexican Pottery) - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Amigo.

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Yes, Mexican pottery can be your friend. We have all known that there are bargains to be had south of our border in silver and paintings, but now Mexican pottery is beginning to shine in the marketplace.

There are many silver artists in the Taco region and their wares have brought big money for years. Paintings, such as those of Diego Rivera can reach $1,000,000 while Gabriel Orozco's bring as much as $500,000. You might say that labor is cheap in Mexico but quality artwork and silver from there will cost you a pretty penny. It is my belief that their pottery isn't far behind.

Two pottery artists to watch for are Teodoro Blanco and Balbino Lucano. Their work can command from $500 to several thousand dollars. Other contemporary pottery is bringing $500 or more. Mexico no longer denotes cheap and collectors are beginning to see the artistry in the Mexican pottery. Here is a book that you may wish to look at Mexican Pottery.

I would suggest that now is the time to take a plunge on Mexico and, when you visit those garage and house sales, be sure to check that vase or plaque. If it is signed Mexico, with the artist’s signature and the price seems reasonable, then it may be well worth owning. I am not talking about those primitive looking, unsigned pieces that often are for sale in the gift shops, but the true pieces of art pottery that catch your eye.

To give you a comparison, Haitian art was almost valueless 50 years ago but for awhile in the 70’s and 80’s, it became so expensive that the average art collector was priced out of the market. Always try to be ahead of the trend while it is going up and then you will never be stuck with inventory. Good Mexican pottery seems to be in the early stages of an up trend so that is where we want to be. I would far rather be selling this pottery than to be stuck with common Roseville, Weller or Hull that I couldn't give away. Plus, even though there isn't a market for the common American art pottery, it seems Mexican pots are moving up in value. 

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