Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Worm Turned - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog - Patience

Don't Be Sad be Happy!

Boy did I get ahead of myself. After two days at the Sohn's Auction, I figured things would just get that much better for me the last two days of the auction, but that didn't happen. In fact, I just barely cracked the get started button yesterday. I watched as item after item that I figured on buying went to other bidders. I had forgotten that this was a public auction and not one just for me. As pieces came up to be auctioned, there were bidders on the phone, some bids coming from the internet and two very stubborn people in the audience who seemed to have unlimited resources.

Yesterday tested me on several fronts and perhaps the one that I hated most was patience. Up came the John Lotton vase that was 6 inches tall. I figured it was mine for $300 dollars, only to see it sail past $600. There were also the Cybis figurines that I watched sell for hundreds more than I was willing to pay.

I bet you can just imagine how I felt and how I could feel the tension building inside me, saying don't let them do that to you. If this ever happens at an auction you are attending, stick to your guns and remember we are in this business to make money, not to overpay for items, even when others are. There will always be another day and today will be that day for me.

This may be a great time to read my book 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles again
so that you can reacquaint yourself with the rules we use to reach our goals in this business.

I am very homesick to see my wife, Vickie, and son, Josh, but I will be returning to Chicago tonight. The site for the Club has undergone some changes and I am looking forward to talking to Ondre, Bob and Gary when I return. I hear that most of our members have received their ID's and Passwords but if you haven't, please let us know so that Ondre can check our list for your name.

Please pray for my safe travel back to Chicago.

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  1. i have a beautiful Cybis Red riding hood, been in my booth for around 2 years.
    Would you like to put it in the marketplace?
    Vicki H.

  2. Hi Vicki

    I would wait a week or two until the classifieds are up.

    God Bless