Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Smallhouse and Silver Plate – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – Can you guess?

Dave Smallhouse - Thanks to

My purpose for our blog is to give our members information on how to make money with antiques and collectibles. How can Smallhouse and Silver Plate help you make money? First let me share some of Dave Smallhouse’s work with you. After viewing his work, I believe you will agree he is one of the best in the field today. Dave Smallhouse.

Dave was introduced to me by Warner Smith when Warner created the This was when I became a big fan of Dave's work. When you go to his site, there are pieces with animals that one day will be in my private collection. But why is Dave's work so special to me, other than just the artistic side of the equation, you're asking. Here is your answer. There are few contemporary artists who when their works are sold at auction bring more than retail. Dave is one of those artists. Once our marketplace is fully implemented, I will assure you there will be Smallhouse pieces represented there.

Yes I am sure you see why Smallhouse is in this blog but what about Silver Plate. I haven't seen a piece of silver plate that had any interest for me other than one coffee pot that I purchased for $100 and sold for $1500, but that story is for another time. Most silver plate is close to worthless and a set of silver plate won't usually bring $100, no matter how good it is. So why am I mentioning them in the same blog?

Now, I will tell you the rest of this story. It is that time of year when I share with my readers my top ten list of “What is hot and What is not.” The rest of my list will be in our Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Club members only section. This is a list that I publish to help the members in their search for treasures. It includes areas where my expertise will help in selling items as our members find them.

We are working to complete the members only section and hopefully it will be completed shortly. I would like to get our readers comments on the changes to the site so far and ask if there are any suggestions that might improve it.

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