Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Today Cecil, my friend in Kentucky, will be traveling to French Lick, Indiana on a treasure hunt. This story has an interesting twist to it. I received an email from a gentleman asking if by any chance I would be interested in purchasing a large collection of Tramp Art, consisting of perhaps 500 items.

After thinking about the proposal for two days, I decided to call the man with my answer of “no”. Why wouldn't I be interested? Here’s why. I don't know enough about Tramp Art and having to deal in something that has that many pieces just wasn't for me, but I did follow up. You see I had the reputation of the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club depending on the follow up.

Here is where the story really gets interesting. I dialed the number and it didn't take long for it to get answered by a firm voice. “Hello.” “This is Daryle Lambert calling you back about the Tramp Art collection”, I said. His response was “Are you interested”? I took a large gulp and said “I'm afraid not.” Waiting for his answer to my response, I blurted out “Do you have anything else?”

I really wasn't prepared for his answer. “I had a large Van Briggle collection but Rago came down and bought it and there was a Tiffany collection that I sold, but what else would you be interested in?” Now I started getting excited. My response was “anything expensive and rare.” This is where I got knocked out of my chair. “How about an Aston Knight painting or a 16 inch Greuby vase or to think about it, I do have a large Deco cabinet.” I have to admit now I was hooked and my thoughts went to how can I see these items. Knowing that Cecil only lived and hour or so from where the gentleman lived, I asked if it would be okay for Cecil to pay him a visit, to which he agreed. This brings us to today and you can bet I will be sitting on pins and needles until I hear from Cecil. Hopefully, we will be able to make a fair deal for all.

I hope you realize the message in this blog. You should follow up on all messages or contacts you receive and just because at first glance you're not interested in what is being offered, take a minute and ask that all important question “Do you have anything else?"

P.S. All comments not in English will be deleted. The reason for this change is because i am finding comments that aren't appropriate and if I can't read them they will be deleted. Daryle

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