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With the weather below zero here in Chicago, it is really hard to persuade myself to go out treasure hunting. But that won't stop me from pursuing my dream of finding treasure. Hopefully, I can give you some ideas of where you might treasure hunt right along with me in your home.

Get that great comfortable chair you use with your computer, sign online and then go to This is where the fun begins. Just pick any category and shop until you drop, as my wife Vickie says. I believe you will find bargains galore and treasures that will put money in your pocket. Now that Christmas is over, I believe the customers shopping online will decrease temporarily and we can take advantage of this.

If I were you, I would try to locate as many sites as I could that are in competition with eBay and list them one after the other. Once I had done that, I would sit back and scroll through their listings for those hidden treasures. Believe me, you will have competition, because that is what Cecil and I will be doing and we will be starting tomorrow. I will report to you on our success and hopefully you will share yours with us.

I won't give it away but I have already discovered a Roseville vase. The same one sold in the mall for me in Franklin Kentucky for $1250 and is listed for $750 on one of the sites. I don't believe it will get a bid on this site so I will be making an offer that hopefully will be accepted. Cecil has suggested that we do this several times but the timing wasn't right in the past and I believe it is today.

If my feeling is right, I think that the entire amount of money that I have holed away could easily be spent in the next 30 days on the smaller auction sites. When I say smaller, that just means in the number of hits the sites are receiving. I have been amazed at how the new sites have eaten away at the customers of eBay, but there is still growth for them in the future. At the present time, we can take advantage of their size. Another site that I would encourage you to search is and I bet that you will also see our name in the bidding at this site also.

Good luck and stay warm.

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