Monday, February 1, 2010

Home at Last – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Great Trip.

Daryle and Don - Look at that Glass.

Where did that beard come from?

Sunday had to be better than Saturday and it was. You can bet that I talked to everyone that would listen about our Club and the things that we were going to do together. The people at Sohn's Auction were wonderful and they helped me in every way. I could not have asked them to do more than they did. They even helped me load my truck. In fact, I felt like somewhat of a celebrity with all the attention I received. They are looking for future auctions and if you happen across one, Don would make it worth your while to give him a jingle. The items in this auction came from close to Atlanta so you can see they will go anywhere to get a great auction.

I have had very little contact with Ondre, Bob and Gary this week but you can be assured that I am eager to see what has been done since I left. Ondre is beginning to see the member sign ups but she hopes that the registrations will pick up. The Affiliate Program and the Classifieds are on their way and I can't tell you how proud we should be, as a Club, for the hard work that our team of Ondre, Bob and Gary have been putting in.

You are asking “Daryle but why was Sunday so much better?” Well, I still didn't get the Doulton Barlow pieces I wanted, but you will see some spectacular Doulton items in our marketplace soon. One of them is a 16 inch Doulton George Tinsworth vase. I am so tired that I won't try to tell you about all of my purchases now, the vase is just a little tease for later.

This I promise you. The market for good cut glass and art glass is on the move. Please keep your eye out for Loetz, Tiffany, Quezal and Steuben as well. There is real money to be made with these names and the prices are going up. Even the Cybis figurines were bringing two to three times what I had figured they would. I believe that this is going to be a great year because people are wanting to have something that they can hold in their hand, not stocks that lost fifty percent of their value with the owners not knowing where their money went.

Whenever I see the rules we are following put into practice, it just reaffirms my original thinking that the best of the best is what we want to deal in. This week I saw the top of the lines bring ten times as much as the average priced items and there never seemed to be a shortage of money to buy the best. Our book 31 Steps to Your Millions i9n Antiques and Collectibles has stood the test of time in what it teaches.

I have been up for nearly 20 hours so I think that it is time to lay this old head down but I have so much to share with you later.

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