Monday, January 11, 2010

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The stock market has risen, but have you noticed that it has also brought the prices of Art Glass up with it? I believe that whenever the public perceives that the economy is improving, their appetite for the finer items increases. The completion of auctions on eBay for the better Art Glass continues to improve and it may well be time to sell the glass mentioned in the title of this blog (if you have any).

I have several Lalique items that I will be listing plus a wonderful pair of Daum glasses that I may well offer to the market this week. For the last year it has been almost impossible to figure what prices to offer for Art Glass when there seemed to be no buyers, but that trend is changing. Looking at current completed auctions of Daum Nancy on eBay, the number of bids on many pieces continues to increase, telling the market that the demand is growing.

If you find large and expensive pieces of Tiffany, Daum, Galle, Steuben, or for that matter Lalique, I would be very interested in buying them through our Associates Program, where you would be a partner with the club in their sale. Remember that with the Associates Program you earn 35% from the profit of the sale by just notifying us of the item and where it can be purchased. The club would be interested in purchasing from individuals, house and garage sales, shops or auctions. We will make all the arrangements for payment and you will be notified of all purchases you recommend that we buy.

Have you studied the sales catalogs of Cincinnati Art Gallery, Treadway, and Julia's Auction lately? This may be a great time to do a little research bringing you up to speed on what is happening in the Art Glass arena. Remember, the Club just recently sold two art glass sculptures for over $3000 each. One of those was a Daum piece. Don't wait until the market has topped out again. It is when the markets are rising that we want to be active. Always be on notice that there are fakes and reproductions in the market but this is where your membership in the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club will serve you well. Send us a photo attached to an email of a piece of glass you are considering, and we will give you our opinion of whether or not you should be leery.

In future blogs, I hope to share with the readers other markets that are turning and where the opportunities are for profiting from these trends. I sincerely believe that 2010 will be a year where a member can take several steps in the Million Dollar Race. “One trade does not a fortune make” but consistence will get you across the finish line.

P.S. We have had people make comments on the blogs that aren't appropriate and have deleted them. If you see anything that needs our attention please let us know.

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