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You, as readers of my blogs, have known of my love of Kentucky art work, but maybe I have limited myself too much to just a few artists and this may have been a mistake. Yes, I have buyers for Harvey Joiner, Carl Brenner and Patty Thum, but there are so many more out there. Why do I love Kentucky art? That is simple. I lived there for most of my life. Is it better than art from the East or West coast? Probably not, but to me it is. However, I have made mistakes by not broadening my horizons when it comes to artists.

Why do I say that? Just the other day I received a call from a gentleman asking if I ever ran across paintings by Paul Plaschke. I had to admit that I knew little of this artist. Yes, I had been offered a portrait by Mr. Plaschke, but I had turned it down because I had no interest in it. He is a Kentucky artist but hadn't made my list so I haven't passed his name out to my contacts as an artist to call me on. So it should not be a surprise that I haven't been offered paintings by him. Why is this important you are asking? It seems that the gentleman who inquired about Mr. Plaschke is willing to buy any good production by the artist and pay top prices. Here is another great thing for you to know. Plaschke's paintings sell for more than you will find on AskART, where his top price is about $6600. For his better paintings, I am sure that I can receive many multiples of that figure. Here is another example where the market for a particular artist's work is centered in a specific area and most of his paintings are sold privately.

I am looking to buy Paul Plaschke's paintings and to help you in your search for them I will post his biography.

Biography from The Filson Historical Society, Inc.:

Paul Plaschke was born in Berlin, February 2, 1878 and came to American when he was four years old. He lived most of his life in Louisville, KY.

Plaschke studied engineering at Steven's Institute, Hoboken, New Jersey, and later was a student of Cooper Institute at the Art Student's League, New York, where he devoted himself to drawing. After two years with the New York World, he came to Louisville, KY, where he worked on the Louisville Commercial, Louisville Post, and Louisville Times.

While first known as a cartoonist, Plaschke became widely recognized as a landscape artist. His work in landscape began in 1905, and he was completely self-taught. Plaschke's work was represented in the Chicago Art Institute, the St. Louis Art Gallery, and the John Herron Art Institute of Indianapolis. In 1928, Plaschke exhibited four canvases at the Pascal Gatterdam Galleries, New York City: "Nocturnes," "Ohio River Shanty Boats," "Southern Indiana Hillsides" and "Fishing Craft at Biloxi." He died in 1954.

I have been looking for art work by Kentucky artists that I like but instead I should have been asking what the collectors want. Yes, my private collection is important to me, but this Club is about making money with Antiques, Fine Art and Collectibles so the gentleman that called about Plaschke taught me a lesson that it isn't all about me.

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