Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cadillac Jack – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – A must read.

Cadillac for Jack - Thanks to vintage-automobile.de

I have been bringing my readers information about antiques, collectibles and paintings for nearly three years now and I think that it may be time to share some fun with you. Many years ago, I read a book called Cadillac Jack and it may have set the tone for my life in the antique business. The gentleman in the novel was willing to go to any extent to find the treasures he was seeking, but while he was about it, his life was filled with adventure.

I am going to recommend that all my readers purchase this book and you will find where many of the principles that I live by come from. The book Cadillac Jack can be found on Amazon and it is fairly inexpensive. Even though it is fiction, I think you will agree that the author had a wonderful understanding of this business that we have chosen to pursue. There are parts of the novel centering on his personal life that may be considered rather risqué so, if you are offended, please forgive me before you even read the book. The main character of the book is Jack and his dedication to success never falters, even with all the extra events in his life. You will find he knew what his prizes were and he never stopped looking for them. However, when Jack was successful, his mind turned to the selling of his treasure and he always had a pretty fair idea where the treasures were going.

Just the memories of Cadillac Jack is building the excitement back into me, so I will be digging through my many boxes of books so that I can read it again myself. I remember when I first read about Jack, I couldn't put the book down and over the next couple of months, I am sure that I read it half a dozen times. I hope that is the way many will feel about my simple little book 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles and that it may have as profound effect on them as Jack did on me.

Read something on this business every day, because you never know where your inspiration might come from. It could even come from a book that few have read like Cadillac Jack. Even though I had been in the business for many years, it changed my direction.

If you have read something that has touched you in a way that changed the focus of your business, please share it with me and I will pass it on to the Club. I wish you were here with me and were able to see the smile on my face just thinking about old Jack. What a life he lived.

Believe it or not, I found three hard bound copies of Cadillac Jack first editions on eBay and I bought one. I bid $10.00 and it was accepted.

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