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There is no cartoon character more famous than Mickey Mouse and you will be amazed at how his merchandising got started. I found this information and almost couldn't believe it. It shows how a little ingenuity can produce big bucks. Walt Disney didn't sell most of the items that bore the characters that he produced but instead licensed them to others. Here is the story of Mickey.

Disney merchandise

A man in New York offered Walt $300 for the license to put Mickey Mouse on some pencil tablets he was manufacturing. Walt Disney needed the $300, so he said okay. That was the start of Disney merchandising. Soon there were Mickey Mouse dolls, dishes, toothbrushes, radios, figurines - almost everything you could think of bore Mickey's likeness. The first Mickey Mouse book was published in 1930, as was the first Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip.

Isn't that hard to believe? You could have owned Mickey for $300. There are still a lot of people who want to own just a little piece of that mouse. Just take eBay where there are 32,523 old or completed listing and 25,237 active listings. That mouse must be eating some expense cheese by the prices his images are bringing. How about the Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse lithograph priced at $150,000 or the rare Mickey magazine selling for 5700? Here is just a smattering of other sold items: 1930 Steiff Mickey $2200, 1939 Lionel Circus Train Set $1500 and a Picnic Pail from the 30's, $1100. I believe that I sold that same pail for $50 but hopefully it was a little different.

Disney collectibles will always be near the top of the collecting list because of their numbers and also because there is a place for everyone in the Disney collecting family. The best place to find true Disney treasures is at garage and house sales. Once you feel confident enough to put small ads in the paper or on posters, Disney should always be listed. Don't forget to place Disney on your business cards as items you are looking for.

I would try to share with you the Disney items that I have sold, however, it would be difficult because of the number of them that have been in my inventory. Old Mickey has been quite a friend to me over the years and I am sure he is waiting to be your friend too. I didn't have the space to write about all the other Disney characters, but I am sure you know most of them They all will make you money. Don't forget about condition because there are many pieces in the market just like yours and the better the condition the higher the price.

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