Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catawba Valley Potters – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – Can I be Forgiven?

Catawba Valley Pottery - Thanks to

I often make fun of myself by taking on the name “Kentucky Redneck”, but back on December 2, 2007, I must have given two people the wrong idea. I wrote on Southern pottery and they took offense with my blog and called me a carpet bagger in the comment section. You can guess that came as quite a shock to me because I take great pride in my Kentucky roots. But in their comments, they mentioned a couple of pottery areas of the country that are well worth mentioning that I haven't covered, so I thought why not try to make amends.

I am sure you're asking why I’m answering blogs from 2007 and here is your answer. Scrolling through the more than 800 blogs, looking to delete inappropriate comments, I came across these postings that I must have missed back then. It is only right for me to address my oversight and that is what I am attempting to do.

The first of the pottery areas is the Catawba Valley in North Carolina, where many well known potters produced wares that are now highly sought after. The best way for me to introduce these potters to you is to ask you to go to this site Catawba Valley Pottery and read about its history. I believe you will find it very interesting and rewarding. There is even an annual Catawba Valley Pottery and Antique Festival. Here is a link to the information on that event, Catawba Pottery and Antique and Pottery Festival.

My readers might have had some justification for their views, seeming that I didn't have knowledge of these areas of well known Southern pottery and for that I ask forgiveness. I am trying to come up to speed on this matter. Tomorrow I will cover the other area of southern pottery, Edgefield South Carolina.

It seems that pottery from both areas can bring considerable money and by that I mean thousands of dollars. So you, the reader, would be well advised to do your home work on these areas and the pottery produced there.

On another matter, how did you like Mason's letter that I used in the blog yesterday? You see I told you that there were opportunities on the auction sites to make money and Mason did. He is the one who conducts auctions and asked if we would like to participate in some of them. I will be talking to Mason and getting the information that is required to work with him.

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  1. Hi Mr. Lambert and all club members, be sure to read Kovels online newletter this week - Margaret Tafoya Pottery is featured. 1904-2001 - Margaret was a Southewest Pueblo that is known for using the bear claw on her pots - it is the symbol of good luck. The most recent sale for one of her pots is $19,500 - in a NY gallery. Good to know - vicki h.

  2. Thanks Vicki

    By sharing you help us all.