Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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This Takes Me Back - Thanks to the National Graniteware Society

On my trip to Kentucky, I had a chance to look around a little bit but not as much as I would have liked. The one thing that I noticed was that Granite Ware seems to be gaining in value again. The pieces that contain advertising look to me to be gaining in value the most but even the common pieces were priced higher than I remember.

It is very important to know all you can about Granite Ware before you start to invest in it because damage can change values and there are fakes out there. Here is a site that will give you a lot of information http://www.graniteware.org/collguides.htm. There is also the National Graniteware Society that you may wish to join.

I have tried to find a history of Granite Ware but perhaps the best I can do is share an article from the Antique Trader with you. The article pretty well sums up the history of Granite Ware and also tells some interesting tidbits about the subject. Here is where you can find the article: http://www.antiquetrader.com/article/graniteware_featured_at_scott_antique_markets. Enjoy and thanks to the Trader.

As I said, the value for Granite Ware is on the move and I believe that these examples will convince you of that. First from eBay: enameled large pitcher and bowl blue and white swirl $1700, blue and white swirl butter churn $900, red and white large swirl mug $600, green and white churn $400 and last, gray and white 4 piece lunch bucket $300.

I also would like to direct you to the Kovel's Antique and Collectibles Price List (this is from 2001): biscuit cutter blue and white swirl $2000, roaster three piece miniature blue and white $1800 and tray with boy's portrait and advertising blue and white $2500. If this won't make you see red, blue and green, I don't know what will. Just think, your mother or grandmother used these pieces every day but had no idea that some day they would be worth a small fortune.

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