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Fakes and Reproductions - Thanks to

I have been asked to share more information with our readers on the reproductions and fakes that are flooding the markets today. I was very fortunate for many years to subscribe to The Antiques & Collectors Reproduction News [ACRN ] but it is my understanding that they have gone out of business. At the end of each year, I would receive a bound book of all the monthly news letters and these books have served me very well over the years. I’ve seen a few old issues for sale on recently.

Antique Trader also has a publication called Antique Trader Guide to Fakes and Reproductions, written by Mark Chervenka. I would highly suggest contacting Mr. Chervenka through the Trader and see if all the issues can be purchased since he began the series.

There are other ways to educate yourself in this field, such as the many articles listed on Yahoo that can be of immeasurable value to the collector. There may be no other knowledge for you to acquire that can assure success in the Antique and Collectible business more than knowing all there is to know about fakes and reproductions.

Here is a funny story. Because I write this blog, most people think I have a fair knowledge of the antique and collectible field, but I will let you be the judge of this story. I was attending a large auction many years ago when a person came to me and asked about a Galle lamp that was coming up for sale. I obliged and examined it. It looked okay to me, however, there was one thing that caught my eye, the word “Tip” next to the signature. I had never seen that mark before so I thought it may have been something special. I informed the buyer that to the best of my knowledge it appeared to be real. Little did I know it was a fake, because that mark never appears on a real piece of Galle. I never found out if the person asking the question was the final buyer but I certainly hope not. Just a side bar, I understand that there are examples of pieces out there where the “Tip” has been filed off. This is just one item that is mentioned in the books that I referred to previously.

Here is my rule of thumb about buying anything. If I am not sure if an item is real or fake and can't get that information before the purchase, I pass. You may have heard about the person that paid $39,000,000 for a painting of Sunflowers to only find out later it was a fake. Good luck with him ever getting his money back. The old sayings seem to be the best and this one will serve you well “It's Better to be Safe than Sorry.”

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