Thursday, April 2, 2009

“Back in the Game” - Daryle Lambert

Your the Winner - Photo thanks to

I listed five things yesterday and it feels great. What have you done lately? The reason I ask is because I haven't heard from many of you but I am sure that is going to change. I already have as many as eight watchers on one auction and seven bids on a Charles Lotton Jack in the Pulpit vase.

If I am able to stay on target, I hope to list at least five more of my treasures today. I think that for some of you it is time to pull that book out of the drawer and read it again. Of course I mean “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles.”

Last night I was at a nursing home talking to about 100 residents, many of whom were young. The subject was the Lord’s Prayer. I asked if they understood it? Almost every hand went up as a “yes” but then I had to tell them that most people don't. You see I was talking about the part where we say “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I think that his will is for us to be successful if we are willing to do our part and today I am asking you “are you willing to let him do his will for you?”

If you do nothing but read my blogs in the archives you will have more information than almost anyone that calls him or herself a dealer. We have traveled together over the last two years to come to this point where as you go out into the field you’re equipped for success. I have shared my stories with you until I feel that I am almost bragging, but that isn't the case, because I am sure that you can surpass anything that I have accomplished if you are willing to try.

I sit at my computer each day asking myself how I can inspire and encourage you but if I don't get a response I can't judge my success. I hope the word is getting out but I have put that in the Lord's hands for “His will” to be done. I am going to continue to write each day because I feel that you, the members of the 31 Club, are my family and each of you joined the Club for a purpose. Yes, our arms are open to anyone that has a need that we can help them with, but ultimately it is still up to them to have the desire for success.

There is a great story in the Bible about a man with ten servants. He had to travel so he split his money among the ten to watch over while he was gone. The first servant had made what he was given multiply ten fold. Now that sounds familiar! The second five fold and so on down the line until he came to the last servant. This servant said I buried the money so it wouldn't be lost. This is when the man said take my money from this man and give it to the one that has increased his ten fold. There is a powerful lesson here and I hope you see yourself as the one that increased his ten fold.

If you are having a difficult time starting on your journey just hitch your wagon to the 31 Club’s and we will pull up that hill together. That is what a family is for, right?

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