Wednesday, April 1, 2009

“Where is that Old Bear of Winter?” - Daryle Lambert.


Sitting here at my computer over the last several months, I have felt like a bear in hibernation, really not very motivated or encouraged to go after it again. But I think things have changed, perhaps it is partly due to my feelings that the country is going to be all right and the stock market is on the rise.

So what is this “Old Hibernating Bear” going to do? First, I am going to challenge all the members and future members of the 31 club to try and keep up with us as we again focus on the 31 Steps to success. I have already this morning listed two fabulous Charles Lotton pieces on eBay. Why eBay you must be asking? The answer is simple. Their rates are now reasonable and they still have the largest audience. I hope to spend the rest of the day listing all the things I have horded over the winter.

This is the time to get back into the “Million Dollar Race” and I feel certain there will be members that reach the half way mark this year. Set your goals high because with the economy where it has been (I do believe it is headed back up) you will find that there are treasures around every corner waiting for you to find them.

Let’s not wake up all those other sleeping bears but let them snooze while we are filling our sacks. By the time they wake up, we will be so far ahead that the race will almost be over. This is still the time to spend our money but also to put what we have already bought into the marketplace. I am making it my top priority to hear the cash register go KA-CHING, KA-CHING over the next couple of months.

Nothing helps you to get over the winter blues like putting money in your pocket and that is precisely what I intend to do. I hope that you will be joining me and even passing me by, which will give me even greater motivation.

During this period of reawakening, I will not distinguish between my higher priced items and the less substantial ones I have purchased. I hope to use the shotgun effect and replenish my bank account to the point that it was before I went on a buying binge last year. Remember we want to stay with the rare and unusual but something bought for $20 that might sell for $150 is still a treasure in my book.

Say this to yourself if you are like me. I have even been saying it out loud, “It is time for me to start making money again.” I am still here to help so let’s hear those phones ringing and that computer clicking.

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