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Remember when you were in school and there was always a world globe sitting somewhere in the class? Those globes, that you seldom even noticed, might be a rare find for you today. I was always a dreamer, so I would often spin the globe, stop it with my finger and then pretend to be in that country. This little game that I played went along with my desire to find treasure. Children today don't seem as interested in geography as I was but it might be simply that they can go to the internet and find out anything they want about any country they desire. We didn't have that option in my day. Boy, did I hate memorizing the capitals of the countries around the world.

Today, as you are out searching for the rare and unusual, don't count out world globes. There seems to be a growing group of collectors that are searching to add world globes to their collections. These globes can come in all sizes, from ones small enough to fit on a charm bracelet, to the gigantic ones 5 feet across. They may be made of gold, silver, chrome, glass, paper or even wood. If you are ever fortunate enough to find a globe where the continents are different than we recognize them today, its value could be out of sight.

The world globes that command the most money are very detailed and meant for study but even the older ones for children are valuable today. A child's globe from the 30's might command a price of $500 or more. It is very possible that you could find one if you keep your eyes open. My best buy on a world globe was a glass one that I purchased for $250 and latter sold for $1750. I really didn't want to sell it but to be true to the rule I placed on myself, I had to offer it for sale and there was a person willing to pay the price. It sure would have looked great on my desk in the living room but, oh well, maybe I will find another one someday.

To make money with globes is rather easy if you find them because the average person puts so little value on them, but to the collector they can be priceless. If you are a member of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club, I would highly recommend that you add them to the list of items worth searching for. Just a taste of what a world globe can be worth: The Diplomat by Replogle, very detailed, $8000; World Terrestrial by Rand McNally 1894, $8000; and the Rand McNally 1930's Floor Globe $2100.

If travel is too expensive for you, just spin the globe and dream.

Prayer request

To All My Prayer Warrior Friends,
I would like to ask you to lift up my 13 year old niece Ellie before the Lord. As many of you know, she has had pituitary tumors since she was 6. She lost the sight of one eye at 6. She has had many surgeries since then, chemo, radiation, etc. Her last major surgery was in December. Her remaining sight has started deteriorating rapidly. She is having surgery this Thursday at the Cleveland Clinic. Her doctor is running out of options. She is such a delight and trust the Lord but this is becoming frustrating to say the least. Please pray for her and her family. It is been so difficult for her two sisters and parents to watch the decline. I am praying for a miracle. He is able. She is in His hands.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart,

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