Monday, May 3, 2010

Friendly Help – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectible Blogs – Quite a Story.

Beautiful Duck Decoy - Thanks to 

Once in a while I like to share others' stories with you, like the one I heard this weekend. Most of the time it seems that everyone is out for themselves but then there are the exceptions. 

I was visiting an antique mall with John, not expecting to find much after a full day of shopping the neighborhood garage sale. The proprietor of the mall told us about an individual he knew who purchased a couple of Duck Decoys and placed them on eBay. You can be assured there were many dealers licking their chops, but one dealer who might have been an angel, notified the seller that he shouldn't be selling his decoys on eBay. The seller soon emailed this person to ask why he shouldn't sell them on eBay and this is the response he received. "Your decoys are very rare and they won't bring a fair price on eBay". Based on this comment, the seller canceled the sale and notified an auction house that was suggested to him that specialized in hunting memorabilia.

I won't let you hang much longer, because that just wouldn't be fair. The decoys brought $70,000 or more. Have you ever had a guardian angel like that? I have and he called me on a group of plates I had listed on eBay for $350. They were made by Royal Worcester and contained a jeweled pattern. It was my honest desire that they would at least sell for that amount (and I had only paid about $150 for them), so my compounding rule would have been intact. The gentleman on the other end of the phone asked if I would consider an offer, to which I replied, only if the offer was large enough to make my auction inaccurately listed. "How about $1,000?" he asked. Now, I must admit he had my undivided attention. Not wanting to sound overly eager, I said "You have to tell me what there are really worth". He said "In today's market their retail value would be $2,500." I knew that I was dealing with an honest man so I asked “How about $1,250”? He said “sold” and the deal was completed.

Both of these stories demonstrate what I hope our members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club will do for one another. Let's keep our eyes peeled for mistakes that one of ours may be making on something that they have listed inaccurately. Believe me, by helping someone else, it will only be a matter of time before you are helped. Yes, we are a team and each one of us should have the other person's back. What is that old saying “All for one and one for all”?

Believe me you have reason to be excited this week, but Ondre has threatened me with 20 lashes if I spill the beans. I have seen our new program and if Bob was able to test it this weekend, we will be giving you instructions on how to use it within days. Please keep the company in your prayers as we do everything in our power to make our club something special for our members to ensure their success.

If you have a story where someone acted as an angel for you, please send it to my email, and I will publish it. Yes, it is about more than money and I hope we never forget that because God has blessed us in so many ways. 

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