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 Ondre, my partner, seldom suggests what I should write for the blog, but she gave me a great idea for one today. Yesterday, I wrote about focusing on local artists and how this could definitely help with your profits. She suggested that I recommend the Art Across America series by William H. Gerdts on the greatest artists this country has produced because it breaks down the artists by region. These books have been tremendously helpful to me, and just the knowledge in the three books will put you ahead of most when it comes to American artists.

The three volumes are Art Across America: The East and The Mid-Atlantic, Art Across America: The South and The Midwest and Art Across America: The Plains States and The West. When I purchased my set, I went to the sections that I was interested in and made a list to carry with me as I looked for treasure. This has produced some great finds for me, because it is difficult to keep all the artists in the regions near you in your head. Yes Patty Thum, Carl Brenner and Harvey Joiner are in the South and Midwest one.

Here is the great news. These books are expensive but you don't have to buy them new because the information in them is the same. When Ondre suggested the blog, she said there were some great buys on one of the series on Amazon at the current time. I hope that some members of our Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Club will be the proud owner of at least one of the volumes soon.

From time to time, I will be suggesting great buys for your library when I run across them at prices that are bargains. One purchase can pay for your entire library and I can assure you that mine has made me more money than any other single thing that I use in this business.

I will be at the Chicago Antique Market for the next two days and I sincerely hope to visit with a few of you there. My son, Josh, will be filming the event and hopefully we will have a few pictures of our members up on the site soon. If you do visit, be sure to bring something to be appraised because there are going to be four other appraisers there and together I am sure we can come up with the right price.

Next week I will be sharing so much more with you about what has happened over the last week and some special purchases that I have been fortunate enough to make. Some of those items might surprise you, but this I promise. If you ever run across them, there will be no doubt about what you should do in the future.

More and more of my readers are expressing interest in paintings and I hope to write several blogs just on helping all those who wish to deal in art. One of the first subjects that I would like to tackle is what to take into consideration before purchasing a painting, but that will come next week.


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