Sunday, May 16, 2010

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 If I Can Do It So Can You

I continue to share ideas with the readers that I hope will prove successful for them. It is my pleasure to report a success story to you and also show how simple this business can be if you follow our guide 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles.

On Sunday May 2, and Tuesday May 4, I wrote about the wonderful experience I had sharing a day with John at a village garage sale. I also said I would report on the results of John's shopping and I am now ready to do that. In John's letter to our members he stated that his $100 had turned into $500 in the first 3 weeks and at the sale we attended together he had spent $85 of that money.

Now for John's score card, taking into consideration that in his first three weeks he had $500. If you go to jk9543 in the advanced search by seller on eBay, you will find in completed items where John sold a Selmer clarinet for $164.88 that cost him $30, and a rescue doll sold for $87 that cost $5. His next item was a guitar neck that sold for $45.44, which cost him nothing. Adding the $500 to his sales of $297.32, we have a total of $887.32 in approximately one month. What kind of interest on his money is that? If my math is right, I figure about 900%. If that $100 had been in the bank at 3%, he would have made 25 cents. These were just three items out of all the things that he purchased and there are about 85% of his items remaining to be sold.

John is definitely not a man to sit on his success, because he has already entered several items plus many box lots in a sale this upcoming Tuesday. If I can guess at what they will bring, I feel confident his totals will be approaching $2000 by Tuesday night. I wish that I could tell stories of thousands of members doing what John is doing, but unless I hear from you I won't know.

With the addition of the Affiliate program and the coming Classifieds, it will be up to each individual who is a member of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club to decide for themselves if they wish to be one of those who finishes their “Race to the Millions”. I know for a fact that Ondre and Bob are willing to do whatever it takes to provide for our members’ success and they will listen to your ideas for improving what is now in place, but the passion must come from you. I will continue to share stories like John's about his climb of the 31 steps, but when his mission will be completed, where will you be?

Yes we are going to be a family watching out for each other and working together, but if you simply bought the book to say you have read another self help book and you don't put its principles into action, there is very little your company can do for you. Here is what I haven't shared about John within the last week. He has already spent a large percentage of the new cash he had on hand, and once his items sell, he will have doubled his money again.

There is a Bible story where a master gave three men equal shares of money to take care of. The first two men doubled their money but the third hid his so that it would be safe. So when the master returned and got a report, he praised the first two men but took the money from the man who hid his share and gave it to the others. We should not expect things to happen all on their own but we must be proactive to achieve success. Don't hide what you have because it will be lost seems to be the moral of the story and I have to say that I agree.

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