Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Art is on the Move – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Check Your Paintings

 Tom Darro

Have you noticed that the value of paintings is on the rise again? All the antique newspapers are featuring stories of paintings which are topping their estimates from auction houses. I noticed this trend a few months ago and thought that it might just be a slight aberration, but it is for real. This is why I am alerting you to check the paintings you own and be sure they are priced for today's markets. Don't let someone take advantage of you because you didn’t take note of this trend.

This is great news for me. I list my paintings on AskArt and they send me all auction prices for my artists. Believe me, I am beginning to get excited again. Let me share with you what is happening with a couple of pieces that I have in the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Club's Marketplace. The large William A. Slaughter painting of Bluebonnets, 40 ½ X 50 ½ inches framed, is listed at $22,500, which might have been a little high six months ago. Today, however, there are smaller paintings by Slaughter, bringing close to that amount. Next is the Tom Darro painting of the Native American mother and child, 30 X 41 ½ inches, priced at $35,000. I doubt that it would have brought $12,000 a year ago but there was one that just sold 4/10/2010 for $23,000. I believe that my phone will soon begin ringing as people look for the artists that we have represented in our marketplace.

The art market is often the fastest collectible market to regain its strength after a recession and it looks as if that is going to be the result this time. I have looked and I can't find a single area of the art market that isn't on the upward trend. Even the more contemporary paintings are on the move. It is my opinion that, in general, paintings have increased 30 - 50% over the last year and this trend may be in its infancy.

Even if art isn't where you want to focus your attention, you would be well advised to educate yourself, so that if a real treasure in the form of a painting comes your way, you will recognize it. Until you feel confident with art, remember your Club has the Associates Program where we will partner up with you on paintings. The Club will buy the painting, sell it, and you will be a partner in the profit. The most expensive collectible has always been art and it probably will always be, so why shouldn't you get your share?

I personally know several people that have, on the sale of one painting, made what would be equal to ten years work for the average person. Now that is something to dream about because it is like hitting the lottery. I have shared with you that one painting I sold brought over $100,000 and now I am on the quest for that $500,000 painting. Here is the exciting thing. If the good Lord leaves me here for a few more years, I have no doubt that I will find it. 

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