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Airlines Fly Off the Shelf – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog - Up, Up and Away.

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One of the best things about the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club for me is meeting so many interesting people and getting to know their stories. This has led me in many different directions in my blog writing and today, I think you will find the group of people I am writing about quite interesting.

It all started out when I was much younger. The son of a person that I had gotten to know was an airline pilot. The son collected anything that had to do with the different airlines and I found that fascinating. His collection included schedules, advertising, uniforms, models, china, ink pens, ashtrays and many more items that don't come to mind immediately. During his collection days, it seemed that the airlines were in a continuous cycle of change with their mergers and bankruptcies. You never knew from one day to the next which airline you would be flying on. It was always an exciting day when I was able to see the son’s new additions to the collection. The great thing about collecting items from the airlines is that there are such a great number of them that you will never complete your collection.

The next person I met went about serving the airlines and people who fly in a totally different way. She was a stewardess. When I told her what I did, the first thing that she said was "If you find anything that has 'America Airlines' on it, let me know". Little did she realize what might come out of the woodwork for me if I focused attention on airline memorabilia. You guessed it. I found a box of old, unopened American Airlines playing cards with eight decks in it almost immediately for $2. Checking eBay I found that a single deck was worth over $12.

It makes this business so simple if you have people standing in line asking you to help them with their collections. That is why, no matter where I am, my first question to everyone I meet is "What do you collect?" If you are like me, if I don't write this information down it is soon forgotten, so here is a great tip. Carry a pack of 4 by 6 cards in your pocket at all times and when someone shares with you what they collect, write it down and put it in your file when you return home.

Now it is time to bring this blog full circle. My son, Joshua, wants to be a pilot and we are beginning his collection of airline memorabilia. When we fly, he never fails to meet the pilots and his collection of airline wings that go on hats is growing as we speak. Since Joshua already collects baseball cards, foreign coins, snow globes, NASCAR collectibles and now flying collectibles, his mother is going to be upset when she finds out because there isn't any more room for his collections. This is my second blog on the airlines but since Joshua is now even taking me to the airport to watch planes take off and land, I figure that we will be spending more time on this subject than most others in the future.

Here is great news for any of you who want to include the airlines items in your search. They are often very inexpensive and the collector will pay handsomely for them, but there are also expensive items for the advanced collector. Sounds like something we should be interested in, right? Let your mind wonder and fly, fly away
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