Sunday, December 16, 2007


We have studied several of the potteries that were produced in this country but how about ones over seas. I would like to start with the one that has been very profitable for me, The Rozenburg Royal Delftware pottery.

I knew nothing about this pottery until I found a plaque at a garage sale and purchased it for just a few dollars. Getting home and studying my price guides I decided to put it up for sale on eBay. I figured that I didn't know to much about this factory and eBay gave me the best exposure in the European markets.

This was a wonderful piece was a country scene of a Shepherd with his dog leading the flock down a country road. There was also a barn in the picture and the colors were wonderful. The primary color was mauve with some tints of blue and a white sky. It was mounted in a wooden from and when I saw it there was no other decision to be made I had to own it.

As the auction progressed I couldn't believe my eyes as the price soon pasted $1000. The next day when I went to my computer I could hardly keep my composure, there, right there it said $1500 for a purchase that I had made for under $20. The final price came to almost $2000 and you betcha that got my attention.

But what was so special about this piece? Later I found out that the artist at the Rozenburg factory were some of the best in all of Europe. This company started in 1883 and closed in 1917. It never seemed to be able to become profitable even when it changed to composition of it production lines many times.

In 1900 something good finally happened to the Rozenburg factory when the director, Jurriaan Kok launched a new line called eggshell porcelain. This was done at the 1900 Worlds Exhibition in Paris. This new porcelain was and immediate hit and the factory for several year became extremely profitable. But only for a few years and then it was back to its losing ways.

This new porcelain was so thin that it was almost unusable but the people loved it. The colors were vivid and interesting on all the pieces that were produced and this was a big change from the earlier works that were rather muted.. Pieces included vases, mantel clocks, dishes and jugs and today they are much in demand.

To give you an idea a cup and sauce in the eggshell should bring you at lest $1000 if it is one of the better patterns. You must be asking where can I find one? At your local garage sales would be my answer because very few with the exception of you would know what they were looking at.. You see never go out shopping with out looking at the bottom of each cup and sauce that is displayed, but how would I know it then? Rozenburg has a very distinctive mark, it is a Stork standing on one leg. I have never run into any fakes up to the point but I am not saying there won't be in the future.

I would like to share just one more little story with you about Rozenburg. This was when Warner and I were partners and I was scanning the Antique trader and my eyes notice this tile that was enormous. I think it was almost 3 feet by 3 feet. It liked like Rozenburg but the ad didn't say it was. I call and sure enough it was Rozenburg. My memory may be a like off after these years but I bid from my phone on this piece that was being auctioned off in Florida. If my memory is correct I think that I bought it for $1500 and Warner sold it to a man in Canada that drove to Chicago to pick it up for $5000, not a bad days woks.

Watch for that Stork it can put money in your bank account.

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