Friday, December 28, 2007

Daryle Lambert: Is It Different? Somebody Probably Collects It.

If it's different, then someone usually wants to add it to their collection. Even if I don't. That's my rule about buying. Collections will reflect the collector's life.

No, I don't collect barbed wire, but someone else probably does. And it might reflect their love of the old west. Another person might like to collect cookie molds, and it bings back memories of time spent in the kitchen with their mother or grandmother. If you ever wondered if someone collects something, just check to see if there's a book or a website about it. There probably is.

To really become the treasure hunter that you want to be, you must be able to visualize and experience the emotions that others feel. Looking at a lady's compact must make your senses quicken as the thought of adding it to a collection crosses your mind. Yes, it might even take you back to the days of make believe when you dressed up in your mother's clothing and put on powder from one of her old compacts.

Finding a old Barlow knife in a box lot should make you tingle all over knowing that it will have great value for the person that sat endless hours with their father carving out a horse from a solid block of wood.

Collecting is like being in another dimension. And so in treasure hunting, you must be able to put yourself in this other dimension. It's like losing your sense of time and space like you do when you watch a movie. If you can put yourself in someone else's shoes and imagine stepping into their mind and heart, you could find all kinds of treasures that others collect. As a child, I can remember spending hours going through my baseball card collection, and with each one I would visualize a game that came back to my mind that involved the player that I was seeing on the card.

Pretty paintings on the wall or beautiful vases on the table can return a person back to fond memories even if your day is turned up side down. We all have this side to us where we want to dream and remember our past.

One time when I was at a home looking at items to possibly purchase, I came across something nestled among many boxes and old furniture in the garage. It looked like it might have been a soap box derby car, so I asked it I could uncover it. To my surprise, it was actually a miniature of an old race car with a gasoline engine.

They told me it was their son's, and he had raced it back in the 1950's. I had never seen anything like it before, so I knew I had to buy it for my son, Joshua. I asked the price and was told $500. That was too high for me, and I could tell they wanted it out of their garage, so I countered with $300 and they accepted. Now I had to get it home, so I borrowed a truck and stored it in my own garage. That was until my wife, Vicki kept asking me when it was leaving.

At this point, even if I had plans for Joshua and me to spend a great amount of time driving the car, it was time to find out what I had really purchased. It turned out to be a real quarter midget racer, and it was very collectible.

Making a few inquires I soon discovered that it was too valuable for Josh and me to bang around in. A man in Texas offered $2,500.00. When I told a friend of mine about the offer, he said he'd pay that, so I sold it to him. That was sure a lot easier than sending the car to Texas.

Buying something different can bring you the most unexpected rewards.

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