Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Daryle Lambert: Antique Education is King in Turning $100 into a Personal Fortune

In my forty-five years in the antique business, I have had friends that have made life-changing discoveries because they had the knowledge required to identify valuable pieces. Luck usually plays no part in discovering a valuable piece, rather it is having had a strong knowledge base built up that will lead to the discovery of valuable items.

In my book, I spoke of a Frederich Morgan painting I found that I purchased for $16,000 and then sold for $115,000. I assure you, it was not luck that enabled me to find that painting, but hard work, knowledge and research. I think you will agree that the $99,000 profit I made was worth the effort. I also wrote about a man in Florida who restored paintings. When he purchased an old canvas for $25 to use as a practice canvas, he discovered that underneath the dirt and grime, he had a real jewel on his hands. He later sold it for $675,000. This was not luck. He had enough knowledge to recognize, that this canvas was an extremely valuable painting.

The longer I am in this business, the more certain I am that knowledge will trump any thing else you can do to be successful in the Antique and Collectible business. You can work yourself to the bone trying to search for treasures that you hear about people finding, but if you aren't educated to the rarer and more valuable paintings and other fantastic antiques out there, your chances of finding them are limited.

Going to sales and auctions or visiting antique shows by itself will not prepare you for the hunt. Yes, this helps, but you can't stop there. Once you have returned from one of these events, this is the time to hit the books and set to memory what you've seen and add it to your references. Remember, they say something has to be put in our mind seven times for it to be permanently lodged there.

Starting out with more common, less expensive items is the training ground, but when you stick with it and work the plan I wrote of in my book, in time you will find you have the ability to recognize, locate, and purchase the rare and desired items that are in high demand at a good price. Also an excellent profit can be made when you resell right away. Remember, we are not buying and holding.

I have offered to help you achieve your goals through the 31 Club. Members can call me, e-mail me and use some of the company resources I keep if you need information on an establishing a purchase price for a particular item, information on current values, negotiating with the seller, and finding the best venue to sell your item once you've purchased it. Members can call to find out about restoration, insuring items, caring for your antique items, and transporting items. Through our Associates Program, members can get assistance purchasing an item should they come across something very valuable but are not yet able to purchase it on their own.

Most Antique Dealers keep their knowledge to themselves. I don't believe you'll find many who are willing to share their insider secrets with others. But, I am. I am willing to share all I know with members of the 31 Club -- my 45 years in the business. It's like getting an entire education for $20. I don't know where else you can find that. If someone could show you how you can turn $100 into a million dollars or more without every borrowing a dime from a bank or anyone else, wouldn't you want to know how that's possible?

Why not join us today and learn to turbo charge your efforts while learning to build a personal fortune -- not on stocks and bonds, not on real estate -- but right here in the Antiques and Fine Arts Industry.

Discover how our book can be the tool that helps you become financially free simply buying and selling antiques, collectibles and fine art.

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