Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Daryle Lambert - Mission Accomplished. Antique Items delivered to Auction House.

Can you imagine getting up at 3:00 in the morning and leaving on a 24 hour trip? Well that is what Cindy and I did when we left for Evansville, Indiana yesterday morning.

Cindy arrived at my house at 4:00 am, and we took off under a a clear night sky, thankful for good weather. The van was already packed with the items we were bringing to Sohn's Auction House in Evansville, Indiana including the Harvey Joiner portrait we have. We immediately became immersed in conversation knowing it was going to be a very long trip. We talked and talked, until I finally realized the gas gauge indicator was blinking. Neither one of us knew how long it had been on. We prayed for a gas station to appear, quickly, and what a sigh of relief for both of us when one finally did.

31 Club Member, Cecil, was waiting for us at Sohn's Auction House in Evansville when we arrived there at 10:00 A.M. He's the tall guy in Today's Photos. We met with Don Sohn, and checked in our pieces for the January 2nd auction. After our paperwork was done, we browsed the current auction offerings that were on display, and what a great display it was. There was so many interesting pieces here of early farm life we could've spent hours going through it all. We also saw Teco, Rookwood, Roseville and Hull Pottery. "The auction houses in Chicago don't have these kinds of things," Cindy commented. She's right, because starting Thursday, Don is going to have one terrific auction.

I saw the best coin collection that I personally have ever seen being sold, I believe, on Saturday. Glassware and China was on every table plus great antique toys, advertising signs and furniture. If you are in the Evansville area you wouldn't want to miss this auction. What a great place for finding treasures.

I can hardly wait until our pieces sell on the second of January, and Don seems to think that he is going to have an even bigger sale that day. Yes, things are very different in the country, and our city girl now sees that very clearly.

We spent a good couple hours browsing at Sohn's until our stomachs began to rumble. My daughter, Dana joined Cindy, Cecil and me for a fine lunch of the most delicious sea bass both Cindy and I ever had. Treasure hunting with Cecil was next, and we set out to look through all the little shops and malls in the area. All the shop owners knew Cecil, and unfortunately, we didn't find much. Cindy and I are fairly certain Cecil picked the places clean days before, but it was a great deal of fun looking and spending time together.

We soon heard that the snow storm moving into the Chicago area was coming earlier than anticipated, and Cindy kept saying, "Don't you think we should head home soon?" Cecil and I sped up our search and headed to the front door. When we got there, Cindy had disappeared on us. We waited and waited. Cecil finally had to go back and find her. Yes, she was combing through some box in a corner that was pretty well hidden, thinking she just might find something. I didn't think we'd ever get her to come out of that store and head back for Chicago, but we finally did.

We hit snow about halfway home, and it wasn't pretty. Slowing down to forty miles an hour the rest of the way home, we finally got back to my house at midnight, but Cindy still had another 45 minutes in the storm to get back to her house.

This morning, the snow is piled up about six or more inches. Joshua, his friend Ben and I waded though the snow over to my truck so I could drive them to school. I finally realized my wife, Vickie, never gave me back my keys when we traded vehicles for the Evansville trip. And she was already long gone. Let me tell you, after having been awake close to 24 hours with little sleep inbetween, that twenty minute trek through the snow with the boys a real lesson in having stamina. It's good to be home now, and I just might even sneak in a cat nap.

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