Monday, December 24, 2007

Daryle Lambert: 31 Club Accomplishing Much Good Together

Will your stockings be filled with goodies this year? I certainly hope so. I hope you, like me, will feel that by joining the 31 Club, some of these goodies are sure to come your way.

Through the book and the club, I have met hundreds of fantastic people, and I know that it is just the beginning.

When I was first thinking of this book and club, I prayed that if this plan was truly to help other people, it would succeed beyond my wildest expectations. But if it was just of me, I prayed it would fail. I wasn't sure what the answer would be. But I no longer doubt. I have seen the blessings that have come from us cross paths, and I know those early prayers have been answered.

This year is coming to a close on a very high note for me. The book got published thanks to Cindy keeping me on task, and the 31 Club is adding new members each day. The national press is beginning to recognize what we hope to accomplish together, and our website ranking is advancing. We are becoming the community that I envisioned and prayed for.

I am so thankful for all of you that have asked for prayers, and to others, like Andrew, who have allowed us to enter their world. Your stories of beginning success have been inspiring to many and have given others the vision and courage to step out and join in this process of securing funds for our family's future while we share our lives. We are definitely in this together.

This holiday time is a time to rest a little, enjoy family and friends and be thankful to God for all his blessings. I will keep one eye open for those treasures, but my heart will really be filled with the satisfaction that we have accomplished much together. For that I to say thank you.

Be sure to check the in the Members Only section for my Top Ten Picks for this year, because after January 1st, I'll be posting a new list.

Enjoy the Season and let's make next year even better. --Daryle

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