Saturday, December 22, 2007

Daryle Lambert: Beauty Shines in Our Youth - Caleb Noble Glass

You never know where the next surprise will surface, and this one surfaced at the One of a Kind Show at Chicago's Merchandise Mart.

When Cindy and I ventured out to the One of a Kind Show, it was mostly to see Doug Odom's outsider art exhibit. We weren't expecting to find much that would meet our criteria, because everything there was new, and of course, we primarily work with antiques. We were thrilled to run into glass artist, Charles Lotton, whose booth was kitty corner to Doug's, and a real surprise and treat for us. After visiting with Doug and Charles, we venture out and examined the more that 400 booths to see what was offered.

With a large rush of people moving between booths and down aisles, I suddenly realized Cindy had disappeared on me, so I back tracked a bit and found her mesmerized by a young 18-year-old glass artist as he worked on his new creation.

I stopped for a moment, to be courteous, and believe it or not, I couldn't get my eyes off of this young man as he worked that piece of glass. His name is Caleb Noble, and Cindy and I examined his case of dazzling glass jewelry pendants in awe. And not only is he talented, but his passion and enthusiasm for his work is so refreshing and a reminder to not give up on our youth today. There are ones out there that God has gifted and Caleb is definitely one of those.

Caleb spent some time with us and explained each step of his process. He doesn't use a kiln, but shapes and works his pieces by torch. These were some of the most outstanding glass works my eyes have had the pleasure to gaze upon in a long time.

Believe it or not, after looking at over 400 booths there were only two, other than Doug and Charles, that got my attention, The other one is a painter who I will write about in a later blog. You might think that by finding only two new artists at this show that I am rather choosy, but that's all right. Remember, we only want the best.

Today's Photos are of Caleb Noble and his glass jewelry pieces. I encourage you to take a look at some of his work, and I am certain that a little gift to yourself now might pay off big for you in the future. I'm willing to bet that anyone who wears one of his creations will have people asking about it.

You can see some of Caleb Noble's work here.

Club Member Update: I got a report on our club member, Andrew, and it breaks my heart to have to say it wasn't too good. His mother, Anne, asked us to continue to pray for him. Several of our members sent donations to the FD NOW fund, and Anne is extremely grateful to those who donated. For those who don't know Andrew, he is a young member of our 31 Club who is suffering from a very serious ailment, and If you would like to know more about him, please read my December 12th and October 15th Blogs.

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